1,000,000 ZRP

ZRP Coin is the platform token of
ZEUS Ripple, with a total circulation of

ZEUS Ripple is a new smart contract platform based on the Ethereum public chain, which aims to solve the scalability problem in the existing public distributed ledger technology.

The goal of ZEUS Ripple is to make all trading institutions in the world compatible with each other and create an ecosystem that can realize real-time transactions and data sharing at low cost.

ZEUS Ripple wants to be applied on a large scale in multiple industries such as telecommunications, finance, logistics, and electric vehicle supply.

The ZEUS Ripple Foundation will launch the ZEUS platform and launch a new smart contract based ecosystem for all current and future partners around the world.

In order to promote the consistency, high accuracy and reliability of global transactions, the ZEUS Foundation will lead the next generation of distributed ledger technology. 

Our Team

ZEUS Ripple has a team with a strong underlying technical background, including anonymous decentralized technology organizations and economic model builders, DEFI giant whales, WEB3 world infrastructure builders and transaction enthusiasts. Therefore, from a certain point of view, the ZEUS team has a certain background strength in terms of decentralized technology, financial industry, investment funds, and professionalism in transactions.