ZEUS Ripple



  • OCTOBER 2020

    The project team is established.


    Value Prospect

    Life is a networked thing—a distributed being, a single organism stretched across space and time. Life is always plural (it is not life until it becomes plural—replicating itself—life is life.) Life inherits connections, links, with each other.

  • DECEMBER 2020

    Determine the project structure and carry out the research and development of the underlying technology.


    Value Prospect

    ZEUS Ripple focuses on exploring the essence of life, attaches importance to the value of life, and at the same time。

  • MARCH 2021

    Complete the core underlying code and test it.


    Value Prospect

    It also has the fairness and justice of ZEUS Zeus, and perfectly presents the basic elements of life on ZEUS Ripple Layer 2 through blockchain technology.

  • JUN 2021

    Initially determine the product concept and logical structure of the project, and start the underlying code change and application layer product development.


    Value Prospect

    On the Layer 2 of ZEUS Ripple, an infinitely evolving ZEUS ecological universe system can be bred. In this universe system, life can breed more life.

  • DECEMBER 2021

    The underlying architecture upgrade is complete.


    Value Prospect

    Wealth can create more wealth, and information can breed more Information, all of which have broken through the original limitations, and there is no end.

  • APRIL 2022

    The PC-side wallet and blockchain browser have been developed.


    Value Prospect

    Every step that civilization takes is another step to control and block nature. ZEUS Ripple smashes the injustice and disorder in the world。

  • AUGUST 2022

    After the development is completed, start the test network and carry out the testing phase.


    Value Prospect

    Heals the folds and wounds of the world with its own power, and realizes the equality of life for all and value, leading mankind to a new civilized world.

  • DECEMBER 2022

    Release the project white paper 1.0, Ready to go.



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