ZEUS Ripple & Stake

ZRP is your tool to unlocking multiple interconnected streams of value. Stake or provide liquidity, collect rewards and redeem them with no additional required input.

Explore multiple strategies to maximize returns through utilizing many mutually supportive platform features

How to Stake with ZEUS Ripple?

ZEUS Ripple Holders

4 Major Benefits

3/1000 handing fee

For example, there are millions of independent shareholders in the fund pool. Through robots, these shareholders will automatically confirm their shares every minute. No matter if the price rises or falls, they will distribute 3/1000 of the handling fee to each shareholder in real time, earning a stable income.

ZRP value-added income

Over time, ZRP will be combined with multiple ecosystems to increase the value of ZRP, so that users can also earn value-added benefits. Therefore, users who choose to believe in ZRP at the beginning will earn more ZRP benefits earlier or earlier.

Gains from selling high and buying low

Selling high and buying low is a band operation, which is also the core secret of ZRP. The most important thing is to grasp the rhythm, sell from the highest point, and absorb in the lowest point, so as to achieve high selling and low buying, and at the same time, ZRP shareholders can earn The price difference income of selling high and buying low.

Liquidity staking ZRP mining extra income

DeFi liquidity staking mining has a wider scope, and investors use their assets to generate additional and risk-free returns through DeFi.It can be seen that ZEUS Ripple allows you to have a safe, secure and stable financial guarantee.